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Trango Licensed Microwave


Introducing the Trango High-capacity Licensed Digital Microwave Radio links operating in the 6Ghz to 23Ghz bands. ETSI Compliant radios Now shipping.

Trango GIGA         TrangoAPEX

TRANGO GIGA              Trango APEX

These Trango Microwave radios offer Ethernet capacities from 45Mbps to 310 Mbps, with low latency <150mico Seconds in either a Split mount or All Outdoor radio style, supporting non redundant and redundant configurations with Adaptive Rate in all models. Point-to-point, ring, star, and cascaded chain topologies are supported.

These modular and scaleable DMRs are used by ISP's, cellular, fixed, and private network system operators to remove any Interference issues and fix the cost of deployment and lower maintenance costs of their networks.

They offer a resilient and scaleable capacity via either Fiber or Copper interfaces.

Contact LINKIT for a path evaluation and budgetay equipment Quotation.

Click here for the →Trango APEX Radios

Click here for the →Trango GIGA DMR

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