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Trango GIGA ETSI Shipping
Trango GIGA 11, 18, 23GHz products shipping now. TrangoLINK Giga® is a...


Trango Broadband IP radios are used to distribute real time Track timing information to competitors in the Service areas and Pit lane.


There are some changes for Trango wireless networking for the 2008/09 Motorsport Season.

To ensure the quality race data supplied from the main timing computer is available at all rounds, The Motorsport Company have taken over the Trango “Race Monitor” system from Tim Gibbes Track Timing.  

Competitors, teams, media etc. at the race circuits can now obtain their own race monitor screen programme.

To SIGNUP download this PDF and Fax or E-mail it back to LINKIT.

- Trango Radio connection hardware and First year
   Subscription $878.50 Incl GST  (Paid to LINKIT )
- Timing SW setup in your Laptop $100 (Tim on site)


Motorsport Sign-up Sheet.pdf(17.09 KB)

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