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Trango GIGA ETSI Shipping

Trango GIGA 11, 18, 23GHz products shipping now.

Trango GIGA

TrangoLINK Giga® is a high-performance 11GHz, 18GHz, 23GHz  licensed microwave wireless point-to-point system designed for carrier Ethernet, WiMAX/ISP broadband backhaul, mobile network backhaul, private enterprise WAN/LAN extensions, and municipal and public wireless networks.

TrangoLINK Giga® provides a full duplex wireless connection over the air that is ideal for mixed traffic that requires both IP and traditional TDM E1 connectivity.

Each TrangoLINK Giga® consists of two indoor units (IDU) and two outdoor units (ODU). The ODU attaches easily to an external antenna that delivers high link gain and availability.


  • Low cost of ownership
  • Excellent system gain for longer range and higher availability
  • No right-of-way issues, unlike fiber deployment
  • Fast ROI relative to fiber and other traditional options
  • Licensed spectrum with No risk of Interference

Capacity - Range

  • Trango GIGA 11GHz offers from 15Mbps to 240Mbps over 8km to 48km paths
  • Trango GIGA 18GHz offers from 15Mbps to 311Mbps over 1km to 28km paths
  • Trango GIGA 23GHz offers from 14Mbps to 310Mbps over 1km to 18km paths

Contact us with your Path data so we can complete some path performance analsys for your links.

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